Sunday 18 August 2013

Kaggle - Comp

Kaggle just reopened their "Give Me Some Credit" competition where we can submit a solution post deadline to compare the performance against the submissions.

I just built a model using our product AnalytixWare SkyScorer in development. We only used the automated algorithm and made no manual tweaking. Here's the result

As you can see SkyScorer only ranked a lowly 599. The measure measurement they use is AUC. Notice that SkyScorer's AUC is 0.86 when rounded.

The winner as you can see scored 0.87, so I think SkyScorer is doing not bad at all! AnalytixWare's product may not win you the competition but it is automated and builds an easy to understand model in the format of a scorecard! In practice the one point difference is a non-concern and who knows what techniques the top few guys have used to build their models, maybe it's a model that is too hard to be implemented in the existing banking infrastructure. AnalytixWare's model can be implemented with mere if/else statements! When it comes to risk models, the easier to understand/implement the better. I am really happy with the SkyScorer!

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